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Want to win a $20,000 logo package?

We are conducting a design experiment.

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Have you ever wondered how much a good logo costs? Or if getting a logo designed by a professional is worth it?

Of course you have. Every business has!

We’re picking one lucky winner to have their logo redesigned by 4 different companies, from an AI to a high end design agency. Simple and cheap to more in-depth and expensive. The catch: you’ll be our guinea pig for this experiment. You’ll keep all the control - you’ll pick which of the new logos (if any) you want to implement, and we’ll follow your story and follow up on your results.

At the same time, we’ll ask the Hubba Community to guess the most and least expensive options and we’ll use this experiment as a gauge to help anyone who might be considering a redesign learn all the elements of a great logo, see how agencies deliver more than just pixels and determine their own budget.

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Who you will work with

Less than $100

Logojoy is an AI-powered online logo design tool. Instead of having a designer make a logo to your specifications, Logojoy uses artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to generate several logo designs based on your specifications and preferences.

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$500 - $1,000


99designs is the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. It connects more than one million talented freelance designers with creative people, genius entrepreneurs, savvy businesses... anyone who needs great work.

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$2,000 - $5,000

Hybrid Designs

Hyrbid designs is a boutique branding and design agency based in Oakville, Canada. Hybrid's Principal, Simon Cooper, has worked with clients such as Molson, Pepsi, KPMG, and Air Canada. Their holistic yet simple approach to branding makes it accessible to companies of all sizes.

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$20,000 +


We believe that design is more than just what something looks like, it’s also how it works. That means we start from business objectives and work collaboratively to make sure we design what is needed most. Frontier is a creative exploration company made up of a design office, magazine, and ventures group focused on design driven ideas and idea driven design.

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The winner will be announced soon.