Creating a quality logo can be tough

A logo plays a huge role in the success of your business, as it acts as the visual cornerstone to your Brand. But as a small business with limited resources, trying to put your best foot forward, how do you know where to invest your money?

We enlisted four companies of varying backgrounds and price ranges to put one simple thesis to the test: Does paying big bucks really matter when designing and creating a logo? This is one Brand’s journey.

Meet the Brand: Blush & Blue

We couldn’t put our thesis to the test without an up-and-coming Brand to work with. After an outpouring of submissions, contemporary baby Brand, Blush & Blue, was selected. Blush & Blue’s mission is to provide the world with exquisitely designed and handcrafted baby products.

Led by a team of passionate mompreneurs, the Brand’s beautiful and locally-sourced baby swaddles and customizable “Monthly Memory Blanket” have earned them a cult following amongst new moms. Despite having a successful Brand, Blush & Blue felt their logo and image needed an update.

The logo in question

Tricky Typography

The chosen font was inflexible and particularly difficult to read when placed on signage.

Too Many Colors

The multiple colors on one logo would often bleed together and proved to be expensive to print.

Limited Versatility

The team found it hard to choose a shade of blue that would translate well both online and in print.

Wrong Symbol

While the owners grew to love the feather, consumers didn’t make the connection between it and the baby industry.

Process and Players

We put Blush & Blue in touch with four different services/firms to redesign their logo.
Hover over the colored dots to learn more about each agency, the costs, and their process.

  • Logojoy

    Logojoy uses AI (artificial intelligence) to instantly generate logo ideas that are unique to your business.

  • 99designs

    99designs is an online marketplace that connects you with online freelancers and allows them to compete for your business.

  • Hybrid Ideas

    Hybrid Ideas is a graphic design studio that focuses on creating engaging designs across multiple mediums.

  • Frontier

    Frontier is a creative exploration company made up of a magazine, design studio, and ventures group that is focused on design-driven ideas.

  • Logojoy
    1. Sep 11

      The Blush & Blue team goes through the Logojoy process online.

  • 99designs
    1. Sep 8

      The Blush & Blue team begins the design process online.

    2. Sep 20

      The team picks a few finalists.

    3. Oct 5

      The team selects a winning design.

  • Hybrid Ideas
    1. Sep 1

      A discovery call is conducted with the Blush & Blue team.

    2. Sep 5

      Pinterest moodboards are provided to the Blush & Blue team.

    3. Sep 12

      The Blush & Blue team gives feedback on said Pinterest moodboards.

    4. Sep 15

      Three design concepts are delivered.

    5. Sep 21

      More client feedback is received and a selection of concepts are delivered.

    6. Oct 12

      The final logo design is presented to the Blush & Blue team.

    7. Oct 13

      The Blush & Blue team provides feedback on final logo designs.

    8. Oct 23

      Final logo assets are delivered to the Blush & Blue team.

  • Frontier
    1. Sep 12

      Research and discovery process begins.

    2. Oct 6

      Three schematic designs are provided to the Blush & Blue team.

    3. Oct 9

      The Blush & Blue team selects a design concept and provides feedback.

    4. Oct 12

      Design development phase begins.

    5. Oct 16

      The Blush & Blue team provides feedback on design development.

    6. Oct 19

      Final art and guidelines are made.

    7. Oct 20

      Final design assets are delivered.

  1. September 2017
  2. October 2017
  3. November 2017

Preliminary Research

Preliminary research (also known as the discovery process) can vary across different agencies and teams, but the end goal remains the same: to come away with a clear understanding of the client in order to be able to provide assets that they will be happy with.


Logojoy's process begins and ends in one session. The Blush & Blue team selected five out of 30+ logos to guide the website’s AI algorithm. They then chose colors, symbols, and answered questions about their aesthetic to fine-tune the provided suggestions.


The Blush & Blue team began their journey by creating a profile. This included answering similar questions to those asked by Logojoy. An RFP-style request was then provided, to which the designers could submit their work.

Hybrid Ideas

The Blush & Blue team completed a questionnaire identifying their business objectives, goals, marketing strategies, audience, etc. The output of this questionnaire was a Pinterest moodboard which included a compilation of sample concepts and logos. A follow-up call took place to discuss the moodboard.


Frontier’s discovery process began with individual interviews with the Blush & Blue team. Each call lasted an hour as Frontier asked questions regarding company goals, target audience, competitors, etc. Frontier then created a full visual map of the company, and presented an in-depth analysis of Blush & Blue and their competitors.

Concept Presentation

Following discovery, each firm moved on to presenting a variety of concept logos and branding ideas. Following an initial review, the designers began the process of fine-tuning until the final form was revealed.

View each company's concept by navigating with the arrows below.

  • “Logojoy is a website that uses AI to create a logo by identifying your design, imagery, and color preferences. It’s user-friendly and cost-effective, but without a designer on the other end getting to know our company, we felt the logo lacked excitement and individuality. The end result wasn’t the right logo for us.”

  • “99designs allows you to create a design “contest” of sorts and their community of freelance designers compete to win for a cash prize. We entered our preferences and received 164 entries. It was a great experience and with its cost-effectiveness and satisfaction guarantee, we’ll certainly consider it for future design needs.”

  • “Simon Cooper, owner of Hybrid Ideas, worked with us, tweaking the final concept until we were satisfied. He delivered a full logo package, in various formats, that could be used across all mediums. From the start, he worked to get to know us and our company. He listened to our preferences and presented us with a unique and clever logo.”

  • “Frontier is a full branding and design studio. From individual interviews to in-depth research, their process and presentations were exceptional. Once we chose a concept, we were presented with a logo and full branding materials – everything from business cards and social media to packaging and signage.”

  • Smiling Logojoy's employees


  • Board with 99designs' employees


  • Man at his computer working on a logo

    Hybrid Ideas

  • Thinking man at his office desk


  • First B&B logo proposition from Logojoy
  • First B&B logo proposition from 99designs
  • First B&B logo proposition from Hybrid Ideas
  • First B&B logo proposition from Frontier
  • Second B&B logo proposition from Logojoy
  • Second B&B logo proposition from 99designs
  • Second B&B logo proposition from Hybrid Ideas
  • Second B&B logo proposition from Frontier
  • Third B&B logo proposition from Logojoy
  • Third B&B logo proposition from 99designs
  • Third B&B logo proposition from Hybrid Ideas
  • Third B&B logo proposition from Frontier
  • Fourth B&B logo proposition from Logojoy
  • Fourth B&B logo proposition from 99designs
  • Fourth B&B logo proposition from Hybrid Ideas
  • Fourth B&B logo proposition from Frontier
The Runner Up Frontier

Unfortunately, after much thought and consideration, we decided [Frontier’s concept] didn’t capture our attention quite the way Hybrid Ideas' did.

The Winner Hybrid Ideas

Hybrid Ideas was our favorite design. It’s clever. It's clean. It ties us to the baby industry. It’s everything we were looking for as far as a logo.

Hybrid Ideas

Winning logo

Blush & Blue’s Feedback

“Using the ampersand (&) from our company name, Blush & Blue, [Simon] was able to create a hidden image with a mother cradling a baby. We are a company that sells baby essentials, so the concept is perfect. Not only was it memorable and unique, but it also incited the happiness, particularly when you discover the hidden message, we’d hoped for.

The rest of the logo, encompassed in a seal, was created with a delicate Sans Serif font which perfectly complemented the ampersand design. It is absolutely perfect, and is the final choice for our new logo.”

Final Takeaways

Hubba How has this experience been for you?

B&B Working with the different logo companies has been fun and taught us a great deal – not only about the design creation process, but also about our own company’s vantage points.

Hubba How did you find the online services?

B&B While each of the design companies had its strengths, we found that both Logojoy and 99designs fell short [by not allowing us to] communicate with a designer.

Hubba How did this differ from working with more traditional agencies?

B&B Communication is a strength that both Hybrid Ideas and Frontier offered, and that we found invaluable.

Hubba Did you learn anything you didn’t expect?

B&B We went into this experience knowing we needed a beautiful, meaningful logo, and while that is true, we’ve since learned that connecting our logo with our audience also requires a full brand identity. It is a takeaway that other businesses should consider when seeking out “just a logo”.

Hubba How do you feel this new logo will help move your business forward?

B&B More than anything, we're just going to be more easily identifiable with our target audience. It will be easier to read [...] and I really like that we can just use an ampersand, and people will still be able to identify it with the brand as a whole and with the baby market.

Hubba What do you think is the right stage to rebrand one’s logo?

B&B If we could go back and do everything again, we would have done the logo in the very beginning with professional help. It's tricky to have done it one way, start creating a loyal audience, and then all of a sudden rebrand.

Hubba What would you advise other companies going through a similar journey to keep in mind?

B&B Be open. When we started, we really, really, really wanted to keep the feather. We felt like it was our brand identifier. But, as we learned more about ourselves, we realized that it really disconnected us from our target audience.

Falling business cards

Final Thoughts

If we could make one major recommendation for those looking to rebrand, it would be that maintaining a consistent dialogue with a design team – especially one who is tuned into the client's vision and is willing to iterate – is key. Frontier's Paddy Harrington confirms this fact: "Throughout this process, Blush & Blue provided great feedback at several touch points and we're confident that we addressed all concerns and requests. We also made sure that we pushed the work to new, exciting territory that felt connected to their purpose as an organization, while differentiating them from their competitors."

Simon Cooper of Hybrid Ideas similarly highlights the importance of feedback: "After I understand the goals and objectives, I start rough concepts." Once Blush & Blue found one they liked, feedback was essential to "tweak the design, colors, and finalize the logo into finished artwork."

Many thanks to the design firms who put themselves out there, knowing that only one logo could be chosen. As Frontier can confirm, “It’s never fun coming in just short of the mark. Regardless of where the client’s tastes landed we’re grateful we had the opportunity to work with a company like Blush & Blue. Given the chance to revisit our approach to the brand, we wouldn’t alter where we took our final concept and we remain confident in the result and the tone it would have struck in the market. Our goal for this work was always to provide a holistic brand approach for Blush & Blue — clarifying aspects of their mission, defining ownable territory in the market, and providing a full brand system well beyond just a logo. With that said, we very much respect Blush & Blue’s decision and we’re grateful we had the opportunity.”

"Our goal for this work was always to provide a holistic brand approach for Blush & Blue — clarifying aspects of their mission, defining ownable territory in the market, and providing a full brand system well beyond just a logo. With that said, we very much respect Blush & Blue's decision and wish them all the best with their new logo."

If you want to learn more about the participants, you can check them out here:

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